Legal Consequences For Under Aged Drinking

What are Underage Drinking Laws? Underage drinking laws are designed to curb the prevalence of alcohol use in people under 21 years of age. Underage drinking is a nationwide issue that has had a lasting impact on society for years.

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Underage drinking is when a person who is not of legal age drinks alcohol. In the USA, the legal drinking age is 21. Any younger, and you can be arrested if your blood alcohol reads as .01%.

David Jernigan, a professor of health law and policy at the Boston University School of public health … said the greater …

Under the direct supervision of law enforcement officers … It’s up to all of us to work together to protect our youth from the consequences of underage drinking.” During the january minor sting …

There are many ways for teenagers and young adults to have fun and enjoy being with their friends. Unfortunately, some minors consider drinking to be an acceptable way to spend their time.

For many teens, underage drinking is seen as a glamorous and fun pastime.The allure of engaging in a "grown up" activity and the edgy excitement of the risk of getting caught doing something "naughty" can be a powerful draw to many young people.

The Cost of Underage Drinking Adds Up.Teens and law enforcement officers … a warning about the stiff consequences they could face. "It’s very important to get the education out there that underage drinking is not a healthy decision …

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